What is Project Kudos?

August 4, 2019

You’ve heard people talk about it. You’ve seen it around town. So.. what is Project Kudos?

Project Kudos is a movement started by Schell Brothers.

It is all about telling someone they’re amazing, and feeling awesome about it. It’s about positivity, good vibes, and acknowledging all that shines around you. We have so many different people and places and things to be grateful for, but sometimes we forget to show it.

So in true Schell Style, we went all out and bought an old school bus to spread good vibes and take this Attitude of Gratitude on the road! Have you see the Kudos Bus yet? 

Be sure to follow Project Kudos on Facebook and Instagram to see where the Kudos Bus will be so you can stop by, fill out a Kudos sticker to thank someone for making your day brighter, and stick it on the bus for the world to see! 

Can’t make it out to see the bus? Just check out the Project Kudos website to create a digital sticker, and share it with someone to make their day OR stop by Mug & Spoon in Rehoboth any day to fill out a sticker and place it on the Kudos board in the back of the store!

Join us. Give Kudos. Make someone feel awesome.


To learn more, contact us at:

(302) 226-1994

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