‘Delaware’s Favorite Playground’ named Dewey’s official tagline

Town to maintain unofficial slogan ‘A Way of Life’ on signage
May 23, 2023

While Dewey Beach will remain “A Way of Life,” it will also be known as “Delaware’s Favorite Playground” with the culmination of a town tagline contest ending with a commissioner vote May 19.

In January, town officials announced the intention to seek an official tagline, as the unofficial “Dewey Beach - A Way of Life” is owned by businessman Harry Wilson.

A public contest seeking possible new slogans garnered 1,650 submissions, from which the town’s marketing committee and commissioners selected favorites and created new slogans based on words most frequently used in submissions.

The submission “Delaware’s Playground” was modified by adding the word “Favorite” to come up with “Delaware’s Favorite Playground” as a possible slogan. Commissioner Paul Bauer presented top options to commissioners May 19.

Commissioner Gary Persinger said he felt the town should not be involved with selling merchandise, but that giving items away would be fine. He said his personal preference would be to keep “A Way of Life,” and noted some other possible slogans could be used.

“The point was made at the marketing committee meeting that ‘A Way of Life’ really means lots of different things to anyone,” he said. “You can’t really disagree with it.”

Referring to neighboring town slogans, Persinger continued, “I actually can’t remember seeing a sweatshirt that says ‘Rehoboth Beach - The Nation’s Summer Capital,’ maybe there are some, or ‘Bethany Beach - The Quiet Resorts.’ I just haven’t seen that; I haven’t experienced that.”

Commissioner Elisabeth Gibbings said she would also like to keep “A Way of Life,” and listed a couple new ideas as well.

“Delaware’s Favorite Playground” emerged as the favorite, along with “A Mile of Fun, Sun and Music,” “The Mile that Lasts Forever,” “Fun and Sun Since ‘81,” “Where Fun Meets Sun” and “Paradise Mile.”

Mayor Bill Stevens said the town would trademark those slogans and sign a non-exclusive agreement with Wilson so as not to violate his trademark by using “A Way of Life” on town signage.

Katy Werner, who submitted the tagline “Delaware’s Playground” to the contest, will receive a seasonal parking permit as her prize, said Town Clerk Kate Banaszak after the meeting.


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