‘Thriving: Facing Cancer with Faith’ book signing set April 8

March 29, 2023

Lewes local Kim King has published “Thriving: Facing Cancer with Faith, Positivity & Serenity,” an inspirational book for people with cancer, their caretakers and anyone who loves someone who is battling cancer.

King will sign copies of her book from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, April 8, at Browseabout Books in downtown Rehoboth Beach.

“Thriving” is more than a book about having or getting cancer. It’s about finding acceptance, patience and joy while struggling with a difficult, perhaps life-threatening health diagnosis. It’s about seeking serenity in a time when most people would give up or let fear take over. It’s about all the people – friends, family and strangers – who helped King along the way. She writes about finding the courage to share her cancer journey and offer an outlet of familiarity for patients and caretakers alike. Her essays give cancer patients hope, reminding them they are not alone, and offer caretakers a peek into the reality and challenges of treatment.

King had a long career in the world of finance, conducting trainings, writing articles and presenting at national conferences. Her plan after retirement was to interview cancer survivors and write a book detailing their experiences. Before that could happen, however, she was diagnosed with Stage 2B lung cancer. Her focus shifted, and after completion of her treatment, she began composing personal essays detailing her own journey with cancer.

King’s experience with Beebe’s Tunnell Cancer Center has inspired her to donate all the profits from the sale of “Thriving” to cancer research.

In the book, readers go on the journey with a cancer victim from the first moments of pre-diagnosis to the victory of beating the odds of a highly fatal cancer. Each chapter is filled with her personal experiences and struggles during her cancer battle. The book will resonate with anyone facing a formidable personal challenge. It shows a way to make proverbial "lemonade" from any ominous and fearful situation. The pages are filled with journal essays, photographs, drawings and art.

“I could be vulnerable and reach out to others for love and prayers and support, and fill my being with their light, their strength, their energy and their sustenance.” – from Brave Not essay

“Sometimes, though rare, either surrounded by people or in my own quiet moment, I felt alone, with lung cancer as my only companion.” – from Loneliness poem

Signed copies are available locally at Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach. “Thriving” can be ordered online from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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