‘Wonderful Wanda’ and ‘Tiny Tim’ films to open April 23

April 21, 2021

The Rehoboth Beach Film Society’s Cinema Art Theater will present “My Wonderful Wanda” and “Tiny Tim: King for a Day” starting Friday, April 23.

“My Wonderful Wanda” is a delightful dramedy of the haves and have-nots set against the backdrop of a gorgeous lakeside villa in Switzerland.

Wanda is a Polish caretaker who has left her own small children in Poland to look after Josef, the stroke-ridden patriarch of the wealthy Wegmeister-Gloor dynasty. Wanda is adept in navigating the tricky family dynamics between the two grown, yet still childish offspring and the elegant but controlling matriarch Elsa. An unexpected turn of events turns everything upside down.

Screening times are 3 p.m., Friday, April 23; 6 p.m., Saturday, April 24; 1 p.m., Sunday, April 25; 1 p.m., Wednesday, April 28; and 6 p.m., Thursday, April 29. 

To keep the Cinema Art Theater’s screens lit, go to for streaming links to also watch wonderful films, including “My Wonderful Wanda,” at home.

“Tiny Tim: King for a Day,” is a biographical documentary about a musician known for his blazing personae.

An outcast from a young age, Herbert Khary’s rise to stardom as Tiny Tim is the ultimate fairytale. Considered a freak by many of his peers, Tiny Tim left no one unaffected. His wedding on the “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” was watched by more than 45 million Americans, and his unusual personality has been celebrated by the likes of Bob Dylan, Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga. There were plans and hopes that Tiny Tim would be a lasting star, not only a novelty act, but one man ruined these plans: Tiny Tim.

Exclusive access to Tiny Tim’s intense diaries, the playful and powerful animations, and interviews with his family and friends makes this film not only a captivating portrait of one of the oddest stars the world has ever seen, but also a psychological drama examining the borderline between insanity and geniality.

Screening times are 2 p.m., Friday, April 23; 5 p.m., Saturday, April 24; 2 p.m., Sunday, April 25; 2 p.m., Wednesday, April 28; and 2 and 5 p.m., Thursday, April 29.

Admission is $8 for members and $11 for nonmembers. Customers are encouraged to purchase tickets online at If seats are available, tickets can be purchased at the theater starting 30 minutes prior to each screening.




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