2 Dips: A decade of sweet treats in Lewes

Family business delights generations
July 11, 2019

Going to the beach is a sweet treat, and nothing beats a cool ice cream cone on a hot summer day. In Lewes, 2 Dips Ice Cream has been serving frozen treats on Savannah Road to both local and out of state customers for the last decade.

Co-owner and manager Chelsey Wharton said 2 Dips is more than an ice cream store, it’s a family business with a rich history. Wharton operates 2 Dips with her father and founder, Donald Wagner Jr., her mother, Lora Wagner, and her sister, Jan Turansky. 

“My father and I are here almost every single day, morning or afternoons,” she said. “I think that us putting the personal touches on our business such as creating relationships with our customers as well our employees, who have also started formulating those customer relationships is what gets people coming back.” said Wharton.

Gianna Vayda, one of 26 employees, has been working at the store four years.

“Coming to work is fun,” said Vayda. “Everyone always comes with a big smile on their face because they all know who we are and that we’re always here to get them whatever they need. Ice cream always makes people happy.”

The building that 2 Dips calls home has been in the family for more than 50 years. Wharton’s grandfather, Donald Alan Wagner, purchased the building in 1962 to use as a sailboat sales and storage facility. 

“My dad knew he wanted to open a business to put in my grandfather’s building,” said Wharton. “We figured out what would fit best and we’re at the beach so why not do an ice cream store.”

Walking into the store, there’s an eclectic feel with a collage of license plates, vintage turntable and working jukebox. Wharton said visitors love to push the jukebox buttons and dance to the music.

“All of the decorations in the store are my grandfather’s collectables,” she said. “He passed away two-and-a-half years ago. All of this stuff he started collected when he was younger. He had stories for all the collectibles. When he passed away, we decided that having these collectibles is what makes 2 Dips unique and gets people to come back and see it so we decided to keep it all.”

With a whopping 56 flavors of hand-dipped Hershey’s ice cream, eight flavors of Italian ice, Sno cones, smoothies and more, there’s a sweet treat option for everyone. 

“Our biggest sellers are milkshakes and the most popular flavors are the most basic, vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, and cappuccino crunch coffee flavor. People love simplicity,” said Wharton. 

There are gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free options for those who have food sensitivities. Even four-legged family members can enjoy a tasty treat with sugar-free options, such as a peanut butter twist.

In recent years, 2 Dips has introduced ice cream pies with a graham cracker crust, ice cream and toppings of choice. 2 Dips also offers ice cream cakes, key lime pie and key lime bars on sticks dipped in chocolate. Sundaes, hot dogs, pretzels dogs and corn dogs are also on the menu. 

“There are certain rules about where you can have places that sell Hershey's ice cream, depending on where other ones are located,” she said.

“Hershey's was nervous at first to have us sell their ice cream, because we are so close to a Dairy Queen, but after the first year they said we were doing a great job so we continued.” 

Hershey's awarded the Golden Scoop Award for 10 consecutive years.

2 Dips also offers catering services with an ice cream truck and ice cream carts are offered. The store is located at 209 E Savannah Road. For information call 302-645-2347.