After 20 years, Sharky bids adieu in Dewey Beach

June 8, 2017

Story Location:
1508 Coastal Hwy
Dewey Beach, DE 19971
United States

Today I'm thinking in bits and pieces, watching good old old spring developing in my backyard, in Lewes.

The big magnolia tree we planted 12 years ago is dressed for the party, along with the crepe myrtles and the hydrangeas. Out front, the cherry tree and shrubs will not be outdone! The beauty and the bane, our lawn, cries out for cutting and combing, and I ponder on that 15,000-square-foot ritual weekly.

I dwell this day on my happy life in Sussex, and how good it has been to us, me and mine.

My business partner of 42 years and I have been here a while, having run the old Sharky's Grill on Read and Highway One in Dewey Beach for more than 20 years.

Two years ago, my bits and pieces scattered across Dr. Bob Deckmann's desk. My liver was headed toward failure, so Doc put me on the list for a transplant.

It seems that after 50 years of taking a Southern man's portion of bourbon daily, my liver left, like a hussy who found out her 'mark' was broke!

Steve and I determined it was time to get out, and our association with Sharky's Grill ended at the end of 2016. It all ended in bits and pieces.

We started the place more than 20 years ago, with $34. That's all we had left after getting it up and running.

I threw $34 into the cash drawer, and shouted back to Steve that I hoped nobody came in with a hundred dollar bill! He said maybe Miller's store across the street could help. They did help us that first day, and hundreds of days over the years. That $34 grew into millions, over some 20 years. Bits and pieces ...

Steve just wanted to say here how many folks we needed to thank for all the fun and success.

It was cops and lifeguards, firemen and ambulance crews, locals, building contractors and our dozens of employees over the years.

A special thanks to the Cape Gazette for all their help, along with the town of Dewey Beach employees and our lawyer, accountants and bankers who helped us grow.

We were, for all the bits and pieces, just about the longest-running, continuously owned business in the Dewey area.

We are thankful to all, and also to the Almighty for clearing the path, and 'giving us the light,' as we say in the Lodge. Sharky's Grill, Inc. still lives on, as Steve created a new division called Sharky's Painting, after taking over a highly successful company in the construction field.

I'm busy with managing a little real estate, etc., and our investments, and I plan to get back into the food business, hopefully by late summer of this year.

Sadly, our 'third business partner,' 14-year-old General Jeb Stuart, has left the building. His age and associated problems hastened his demise. We'll all miss him on the deck at Sharky's, or seeing him ride front seat in my Corvette. Godspeed, old friend. I'll be along sometime, and we'll catch up on dog stuff!

Bits and pieces. We all start over and go on!

E.J. "Sharky" Shindledecker
Sharky's Grill
Dewey Beach



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