Amazing experience at Beebe’s South Coastal Emergency Department

May 24, 2022

I visited Beebe Healthcare’s South Coastal Emergency Department on the evening of May 16 due to a leg laceration. And today, I’m writing to say what an amazing facility it is.

Not only are the building and the medical amenities impressive, but also, I had an amazing experience with each and every person with whom I liaised. I wish I had written down the names of the two women who initially assisted me (weighing, gathering medical information, taking me back to the room, etc.). I know one was Mary (“Molly”) Kucharski, but they were both absolutely delightful, friendly, professional and funny. I could not have asked for a better introduction, if you will. What wonderful assets they are to the Beebe team.

And if that were not enough, my experiences with Matthew Wood (traveling nurse), Max Wilkinson (PA who sutured me) and Cristin Richards, who washed my bloody Frankenstein foot before I departed for the evening, were equally engaging and helpful.

Everyone literally put me at ease from the get-go, and I was so incredibly impressed by each and every one of them. Even the woman who came in the room to empty the trash was delightful. I also have to say it was really nice to have a TV in my room. It delightfully distracted me during the wait.

In addition to the in-person visit, I contacted South Coastal Emergency Department a few times with follow-up questions. Again, the folks with whom I spoke were very helpful. The one who made the most immense difference for me was Charge Nurse Jennifer Stewart. She fully understood my needs and provided me with additional information that will make all the difference in my healing. I was so grateful for her time and expertise, because I felt a huge sense of relief after speaking with her. Her additional directions and information were paramount to my healing. She answered each and every one of my questions, and provided vital and timely additional context. As with everyone there, she was incredibly nice, extremely patient, super informative and clearly cared about my healing/well-being.
I am a Kaiser Permanente patient, and I always thought they were the cream of the healthcare crop, but my experience at Beebe’s South Coastal Emergency Department made me realize there's some stiff competition out there. And that speaks volumes, because we all know healthcare has changed immensely over the last few decades.

To know that there are facilities with lovely, professional, kind, attentive, humorous teams means the world to me and undoubtedly to every other patient who also requires your services. I hope and pray that my comments will be forwarded to the wonderful personnel who assisted me at South Coastal Emergency Department. I can't say enough wonderful things about them. Thank you, Beebe, for creating such a dynamic facility, and for populating it with such wonderful team members. Take good care, and thanks again.

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