Up, up and away

Sussex Academy hosts Balloons Over Sussex as fundraiser for science lab
September 20, 2019

Sussex Academy in Georgetown sponsored Balloons Over Sussex to raise funds for a new science lab. More than 10,000 people attended the Sept. 14 and Sept. 15 event at Delaware Coastal Airport. Because the wind blew in excess of 14 mph most of the day Sept. 14, no balloons could get off the ground. Due to safety reasons, balloons can fly only when the wind is less than 7 mph. However, teams did light up the night sky when they turned on their burners. On Sept. 15, with more favorable conditions, balloonists and their riders took off near sunrise and covered the sky east of Georgetown. In addition, tethered rides were available and balloons were able to get airborne in the late afternoon. The event also included vendors, children’s games, entertainment and food vendors.

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