Animal shelter fundraisers set at ‘Legally Blonde’ performances Aug. 15, 24

August 9, 2017

A star is born. No, that's not one of the shows in Clear Space Theater's summer season - but it is what's happening during each performance of "Legally Blonde."

Kira takes on the role of Bruiser, the faithful canine companion of law school coed Elle. The role is Kira's Clear Space debut and first starring role. In honor of Kira's debut, Clear Space has partnered with local animal shelters to accept donations at two performances of "Legally Blonde."

The Worcester County Humane Society will be at the theatre at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 15. At 6 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 24, First State Animal Shelter and SPCA will be at the theatre. Both organizations will be accepting donations of dog and cat food, treats and toys; bleach, laundry detergent and Dawn dish soap; and towels.

First State Animal Center and SPCA Executive Director Kevin Usilton said, "We are pleased to partner with Clear Space Theatre to help homeless animals receive lifesaving donations. The donations collected during the 'Legally Blonde' SPCA night are most appreciated by the animals, the board of directors, our staff and volunteers."

We interviewed Kira through her spokesperson, Devon Frieder, who appears with her in the show.

Kira - is this your debut, or are you a seasoned performer?

K: “I go with Devon whenever she performs, but most often in the role of dressing room dog. I have appeared in three other shows, but those were just cameo appearances. So I am super excited that I'm the star this time!"

Since this is your first time in a starring role, do you think stage fright will be a problem?

K: "Nope! I cannot wait to steal every scene I'm in! (It's true, what W. C. Fields said about acting with children or animals.) I just hope I don't get nervous and - ah - embarrass myself on stage."

How are you preparing for the role?

K: "I've been working so hard to learn my lines! And my character, Bruiser, is really nuanced - developing just the right savoir faire has been a reach (but a good one)."

How are you getting on with the other members of the cast?

K: "I love them! We have dog wranglers, even, so I get to be held at all times during the show when I'm off stage. Nice work if you can get it - for me and them, come to think of it."

How is it that you got to play Bruiser to Devon's Elle?

K: "My 'pawrent,' Devon, adopted me - she says it's the best thing she ever did! Once I'd proven myself as a dressing room dog and as a cameo actor - well, curtain up! Light the lights!"

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