Ankle Replacement gives patients new lease on life

Dr. Orsini of the Orthopaedic Associates of Southern Delaware offers unique procedure
February 27, 2019

Orthopaedic Associates of Southern Delaware offers a wide range of diverse care and treatment among its 13 board-certified doctors, with Dr. Roman Orsini now bringing Total Ankle Replacement as a standard of care to Southern Delaware.

Orsini, a Pittsburgh, Pa. native, has been practicing in Southern Delaware for 18 years - 10 years with Orthopaedic Associates of Southern Delaware - and works closely with fellow foot and ankle specialist Dr. Claire M. Capobianco in the Foot and Ankle Center in Lewes.

Conditions that Orsini treats include, but are not limited to, bunions, sprains, fractures, tendon injuries, arthritis and plantar fasciitis. Capobianco has a very similar treatment background with special training and interest in patients suffering from diabetes.

Together, Orsini and Capobianco offer a great amount of experience, training, and a vast store of knowledge, culminating in a great local resource for those suffering from foot and ankle injuries or conditions.

Orsini prides himself on being one of, if not the only, doctor in Southern Delaware offering Total Ankle Replacement, which requires additional training, and is a rare and unique procedure gaining momentum in the field with increased technology. Orisni has been successfully performing these procedures at Beebe Healthcare in Lewes for about four years.

“The procedure is truly remarkable, and I can say it is one of the most rewarding things I am able to do for our patients. With the quick recovery time and the most up-to-date technology, it honestly changes the ability of our patients to experience a much better life following surgery,” said Orsini.

Although patients must meet particular criteria to be considered for the procedure, Orsini has seen the need grow across the board, and being the only center to offer this in Southern Delaware has brought more patients to the area seeking treatment.

“There are so many success stories, and people are thrilled with the results. We have been able to mitigate failures, which results in such a higher success rate, and as our technology is rapidly improving, it allows for us to perform CT scans prior to surgery to determine a tailor-made replacement, which has become the first step in streamlining this procedure that typically only takes about one-and-a-half to two hours to complete.

“The need for this procedure in our community is growing, and we want our community to know that we are here for you,” he added.

David Barry, a 68-year-old Californian and now part-time resident of Southern Delaware, is one of those success stories. Berry, who prides himself on being in good shape and being continuously active, had been suffering from degenerative arthritis for about eight years before he met with Orsini, whom he immediately built a great rapport with due to Orsini’s educated approach to explaining the Total Ankle Replacement procedure.

“From the moment you walk in the office, everyone is so helpful and exhibits a natural caring attitude toward you and everyone else around. Dr. Orsini’s ability to answer my questions and concerns prior to and following the procedure was very helpful and comforting,” said Barry.

It has now been nine months since Barry’s Total Ankle Replacement, and he has experienced no pain in his ankle and seen increased movement as time passes. He is now able to walk again on the beach, and enjoy surfing and other outdoor activities.

“This surgery has been an absolute game changer for me. If anyone is suffering from ankle issues and a replacement procedure is in the back of your mind, you need to look into it,” he said.

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