Annexation recommended for New Road property

Developer to seek 90 townhouses on 36-acre parcel
September 27, 2018

A committee comprising four of the five members of Lewes city council has recommended annexation move forward for the 34-acre Brittingham farm property along New Road, near Canary Creek. 

The developer, Setting Properties Inc., will seek approval for a 90-unit townhouse community. The company is requesting a cluster development with a minimum of 50 percent open space and all buffers required under the city’s new annexation-residential zone. Developers have indicated 23.25 acres would be open space. 

“The Lewes comprehensive plan favors annexation of contiguous property,” said Councilman Dennis Reardon. “Annexation would give the city greater control over the development that impacts the city of Lewes.” 

Mayor and city council were set to hold a public hearing on the annexation request Wednesday, Oct. 10, but council was meeting Thursday, Sept. 20 to reschedule. 

Units are anticipated to be 1,500 to 1,600 square feet. Based on comparable townhouses in the nearby Canary Creek development, the city estimates the price of a townhouse to be about $240,000, resulting in an increase in total property tax revenue of about $61,000. Councilwoman Bonnie Osler, council treasurer, also estimates about $171,000 in one-time revenues from the project. 

The Lewes Board of Public Works has exclusive rights to wastewater service and would be willing and able to provide electric and drinking water services. 

Newsham property

The committee also recommended approval of the annexation of a 0.8-acre property at 1151 Savannah Road. The property is adjacent to the 16.45-acre Beebe Healthcare property that stretches between Savannah Road and Kings Highway. 

Earlier this year, council approved a subdivision and rezoning of the property. Ocean Atlantic Companies and Vantage Point Retirement Living are seeking to build a senior-living facility on the Kings Highway side of the property, while planning to develop the Savannah Road end as affordable housing. 

Deputy Mayor Fred Beaufait said the Beebe property is already within the city, but the 0.8-acre adjacent property is not. He said the developer has indicated that the property may be used as the entrance to the property, once developed. 


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