Another couple takes the place of Pole Family

Original roadside social media sensation along Route 9 destroyed by car Oct. 4
October 11, 2020

Josh Stevenson has created a Halloween tribute to the former Route 9 Pole Family just west of Lewes with a new couple dressed as Morticia and Gomez Addams of Addams Family fame.

Stevenson said he was motivated to create a new Pole Family after reading comments on social media from people expressing their frustration and disgust. “With all the attention it got, I decided the Pole Family needed to come back and not to let it wait,” he said. “Everything has been so stressful, and this provides a lot of fun for the community.”

An unidentified driver crashed into the Pole Family around 7:30 p.m., Oct. 4, completely demolishing the roadside attraction. Located across from the Vineyards at Nassau Valley community west of Lewes, the Pole Family had become a local social media sensation. They were named George and Millie, and it was a mystery who changed the attire of the family for each season.

Stevenson, who lives between Lewes and Milton with his wife, Mandie, got to work, and in three days had created a new couple using lightweight materials such as foam, flexible pipe and hose, dressing them in his and Mandie's Halloween costumes from last year. “They have to be weather resistant and safe to be placed along the road,” he said.

He put the couple up at their new home the night of Oct. 10. Stevenson said he has plans to add a child to the family as well.

Stevenson is hoping the same anonymous costume changers who have dressed the Pole Family over the past few years will continue. “I'm willing to help by making any needed repairs, but it would be great if the changers would help bring the Pole Family back and continue the tradition,” he said.

Stevenson said a resident on the other side of Route 9 told him he could place the couple on his private property if there are any concerns from state transportation officials.

For several years, the pole was dressed as a male worker adorned with an ever-changing hat, sunglasses and an orange worker’s vest. Sometimes it had jeans and sneakers. About three years ago, someone attached a female mannequin head to the pole and started dressing it in women’s clothes, and the Pole Family was born. Not long after, another character at their feet was added and dressed in children’s clothing; a stuffed animal dog was also added.

The family was attached to an old load coil in a load pot pole used to to amplify a landline telephone signal when there is a long distance involved, said Sussex County historian Jim Bowden of Georgetown.


Close friend speaks for family

Sam Sonnett sent the following to Ron MacArthur and the Cape Gazette:

I am a close friend of Grandpa Pole – G-Pops as we call him. He asked me to send this along as he is not too up on computers and such. And also because as you would guess he is in deep mourning.

G-Pops just wanted to thank you and the Cape Gazette for your support over the years. It has been greatly appreciated.

Of course we are all saddened by the loss of George and Millie, but they did have a pretty good run didn't they. All they really wanted was to have people slow down a little and put a smile on some faces. I think they did that.

As some have noted G-Pop's grandchild Pat has not been around for awhile. I am happy to report that Pat is away at school (pole climbing school for AT&T) and doing fine in light of the circumstances.

Thanks again for your support.



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