Any good ideas coming out of Milton?

March 10, 2023

How about parking meters and parking permits? How about changing the main two-way roads to one-way roads? How about fixing library parking flooding problems with huge cost overruns? How about encouraging 1,000 houses built on Draper properties then annexing them? How about putting McDonald’s and Royal Farms at Routes 16 and 5 to make unhealthy fast food and congestion the new true town center? How about paying consultants thousands to create a Milton slogan while Lewes and Dewey take free suggestions from citizens? How about putting the giant Verizon cellphone tower at the planned riverfront gateway in the floodplain at the lowest elevation in town when hills are just miles away? How about lining Route 16 with soulless, ugly storage facilities? How about spending $50,000 on an engineering study to get an accurate estimate on a new public works facility? Really? I’ll do it for $20,000. You cannot make this stuff up.  

Greedy millionaire landowners, Milton town planners and all citizens who say nothing and allow this disaster to happen should be ashamed of themselves. The Town of Milton is on the precipice of disaster. Our decedents deserve better. Milton is led by a ship of fools.

Excellent urban centers are created through real thought and goals. As the only town just north of Delaware beaches that thus far has not been developed, we should attempt to guide progress toward creating a livable, walkable and progressive town with heart and real character. Greedy developers and corporate businesses are going to eat this town alive – one small bite at a time – if permitted, creating an unlivable, bland and unrecognizable Milton. They care nothing for their legacies or Milton’s heart and soul. The people of Milton need leaders to push back and think, not just react to every whim. Milton needs a sustained, vigilant, conscious and strong effort to build a hip and livable town. Can Milton be defended and reject this incremental stupidity? 

Good ideas? Prohibit all franchise and storage businesses from within the town limits so locally owned businesses can develop. Preserve what is left of Milton’s small-town feel. Put towers outside the town center and build the gateway. Promote affordable housing instead of McMansions so our servers and young people will live here, contributing energy to the spirit of Milton. A town’s smart, beautiful and functional groove is made purposefully – not when it is eaten incrementally by out-of-town sharks.  

Now, let’s have fun making Milton’s slogan! I challenge all Cape Gazette readers to send in slogans for Milton to consider. How about these? “Milton: We love fast food and spending tax money on dumb stuff,” “We can’t jam up the traffic fast enough,” “You should have lived here 20 years ago when Milton was livable,” “Milton puts towers at sea level, not on hills,” “Milton: Only dumb people run this town,” “Milton: We are for sale without a plan!”

Bob Natrin


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