Aphrodite’s Table: Connecting with one’s mojo in Lewes

April 23, 2018

The inaugural Aprhodite’s Table divine dining experience was held April 11 at Plant Wisdom Within in Lewes. Joan Greeley, owner of Plant Wisdom Within; and Rachel Bullock-Brockway, co-owner of GreenMan Juice Bar & Bistro, provided the food and cocktails sprinkled with herbal knowledge. The goal of the dinner was to nourish the creative center and learn how herbs and foods can enliven a connection with one’s mojo. Attendees were invited to be open to the sensual qualities of surrounding life. Enjoyment is in people’s lives in many ways, and if all five senses are used, people can find that happy place more often. Greeley suggests that people eat in a slow and mindful way - to be present and anchor oneself in the moment. One diner said she envisioned the dinner would be reminiscent of the dinner in the book “Like Water For Chocolate” and she would be crying in the quail and rose petal sauce dish. 

Bodies take the cue from brains and emotions when digesting. “So make pleasure a priority, realize the benefits of receiving, and reclaim the divinity of femininity,” Greeley said.

Greeley began making the cordials to introduce people to the power of herbs in everyday life. “Culturally times feel hard right now, so I wanted to make an offering to lift others up, to help bring people back to everyday pleasure in their life and this is a way to make that happen,” said Greeley.

Mojo is creative fire and can be many things including art, gardening and anything done with passion. Illness, life changes and stress can be mojo killers but nourishing bodies with herbs can help realign the  creative center. “We might be doing some things well, but if we aren't tending to all aspects of our bodies we aren’t doing everything we can for ourselves,” Greeley said.

Pleasure cordials include Pan’s Pipes, Wild Oats, Cacao Rose Love Elixir, Aphrodite’s Aperitif, Plum Tempting, 100 Husbands, Vacation Sex and South of the Border. Each one is made with a type of alcohol distilling the combination of plants and herbs to create an organic taste treat. They are available at local stores and on the website at

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