Artist Annette Mosiej expanding audience with new website

Has spent decades making signs, humorous artwork for clients all over Cape Region
November 12, 2020

For as long as she can remember, Annette Mosiej said she wanted to be a professional artist. Now, after decades of doing just that, Mosiej is looking to broaden her customer base with a new website -

“I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid,” said Mosiej. “I’m hoping this will allow me to spend the rest of my days drawing.”

Mosiej studied illustration and graphic design at Philadelphia’s Hussian School of Art. She said she apprenticed for a time with the late Soterios Anton “Buddy” Pappas, and spend a decade trying to make it as a freelance artist in New York City.

“It was hard,” she said.

Mosiej’s work can be found all over the state and especially the Cape Region. The list of past clients includes the Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival, Grotto Pizza, Short’s Marine and Punkin’ Chunkin’.  Some also worked on scenes in the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society, which was filmed in Middletown, has done boat lettering and hand-carved signs.

“I’ve never had to advertise. One thing kind of always just lead to another,” she said.

Mosiej’s said she’s always taken a humorous approach in her art. The slogan running across the top of the website says, “Humor: Don’t Leave Home Without it.”

“I like to have fun,” she said.

Like many artists, Mosiej said there have been times when being an artist paid well and times when it hasn’t; for many years she drove a school bus for the Sussex Consortium to help compensate during the lean years. Mosiej said she wouldn’t change a thing.

“It was always more important to be free,” she said. “Making a living with my hands has always been so satisfying.”

For more information on A. Mosiej Design, go to, email or call 302-381-7212.

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