Atlantic Millwork and Cabinetry celebrates 25 years of business

December 17, 2016

Atlantic Millwork and Cabinetry, a family-owned small business in Lewes, opened its doors 25 years ago in fall 1991. Owners Mark Woodruff and Richard Reed envisioned starting a company to be Delmarva's premier building supplier, specializing in windows, doors, cabinetry, decking, millwork and more. At the time, Woodruff had limited prior experience in owning a business and Reed, having grown up on a Sussex County farm, had none.

However, both men were passionate about their dream and filled with entrepreneurial spirit. Today the company is one of Delmarva's top building suppliers and boasts a showroom in Lewes with 20 employees, a state-of-the-art website and pages on all major social media accounts.

Starting the company in 1991 was a huge risk for Woodruff and Reed. At that time they were working for the same business and were the company's top two salesmen. Starting their own business meant quitting their jobs and giving up a steady income when both were starting families, a risk most people would never consider. But they had a dream and the faith that with hard work and determination they could make it a reality.

The following summer, while working full time, the men spent long nights working in private on their business plan. Woodruff says, "The first time we went to inquire about a loan from the bank, the lender laughed in our faces." They did not let this deter them from pursuing their dream. After reviewing the business plan and making the suggested adjustments the bank had given them, they were able to obtain a loan. Wasting no time, the next day the two men went in to work and resigned from their jobs.

Atlantic Millwork & Cabinetry was established shortly thereafter. Reed says, "We truly had a grassroots beginning. Our office was my living room, and our delivery trucks were an old minivan and a beat-up Bronco. We worked 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Friday without pay for the first three months." Woodruff and Reed went without pay as part of their business plan to acquire the funds needed to gain enough capital to grow the business. After those first few months, they had made enough money to open their first office in the back of the Shore Distributors building, and by year's end they were had done well enough to hire three employees.

Over the next 25 years, the company expanded and developed into one of Delmarva's leading building suppliers. They opened an office building, showroom and warehouse at 17527 Nassau Commons Blvd. in Lewes. Atlantic Millwork and Cabinetry has provided materials for and worked on thousands of remodeling projects, custom homes on and near the shore, and both state and private construction projects across Delmarva. Through it all, they have established trusting relationships with hundreds of architects, builders and contractors. Their experienced sales staff, design team, and in-house technicians have more than 100 combined years of experience and are dedicated to providing excellent service and expert advice. The company has established a reputation grounded in customer satisfaction, product performance, and personal service after the sale.

Reed said, "Atlantic Millwork & Cabinetry has been my life and livelihood for the past 25 years, and I cherish the great things it has provided me, my family, and this community. During this time we have established great relationships with members of the community and other business, and these relationships have helped to make Atlantic Millwork and Cabinetry a trusted name."

Woodruff said, "The last 25 years have gone by in a flash! A lot of hard work, sweat, tears, and some luck have created this company. Our biggest keys to success have been the employees that helped us build this business, our incredible loyal customer base, and the support from our families, friends, and the local community. Along the way I have enjoyed the challenges and opportunities which have brought us success."

For more information, go to, call 302-644-1405, stop by the showroom or send a message on social media.

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