Bay to Beach Builders donates to Cape carpentry program

Teacher: Student enrollment in pathway has doubled in four years; gift of tools appreciated
December 9, 2023

Chase Marvil of Bay to Beach Builders stopped by Cape Henlopen High School Nov. 30 with a donation of tools for students in the carpentry program.

The Bay to Beach Builders marketing director/online sales manager told students that his company has a community outreach program, and when Cape carpentry teacher Josh Dickson reached out for assistance, he contacted Bay to Beach Builders’ local supplier to request tool donations for the program. Marvil estimated the value of the tools to be about $1,000.

Dickson said he taught Marvil when he was a new teacher at Woodbridge High School years ago, and he messaged his former student to inquire about a donation to the Cape High carpentry program.

“He was happy to set it up,” Dickson said. “Cape carpentry student enrollment has more than doubled since the introduction of the program four years ago. Last year, we were fortunate to add Pete Burnham as a second carpentry teacher to accommodate 243 students presently in carpentry.”

Now, Dickson said, he and Burnham are trying to keep up with power tools, machines and materials to effectively continue with the comprehensive, hands-on training needed in the pathway.

“We greatly appreciate the donation from Bay to Beach,” Dickson said. “It is a step toward more efficient routines, as students currently wait in line for use of tools.”

Dickson said the program is fortunate to have strong community support, and he and Burnham will continue to reach out to local supporters, as the need exists for class sets of routers, sanders and cordless drills for level 2 and 3 cabinet and fine woodworking courses.

Any individual or business interested in donating supplies to the Cape High carpentry program is asked to contact Dickson at


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