Bayhealth’s workforce development program is a win-win

Earn While You Learn attracts Sussex Tech and Polytech students for training
February 21, 2023

Bayhealth recently launched its Earn While You Learn workforce development program in partnership with Polytech and Sussex Tech adult education programs.

Through the program, Polytech phlebotomy students and Sussex Tech phlebotomy, medical assistant and certified nursing assistant students who commit to Bayhealth employment for two years after graduation will receive a tuition-free education and an hourly stipend while attending classes and clinicals.

The Bayhealth team is proud to offer this unique program that financially benefits those new to the workforce – or those seeking a career change – and ensures ample staffing in these critical areas for years to come.

In addition to the financial benefits of participating in this program, training at Bayhealth has its perks. Students will learn fundamental clinical skills from accomplished professionals. They will also have the opportunity to build valuable professional relationships across the Bayhealth network. For students and employees alike, these benefits are vital to a successful career and future career growth.

Bayhealth employees are also offered tuition reimbursement to further their education, in addition to a host of other benefits and incentives.

One phlebotomist at Bayhealth is using the skills she has developed to further her career as a physician assistant. “I went to phlebotomy school at night while I was finishing my bachelor’s degree, because applying for PA school requires thousands of hours of patient care experience,” said Sarah Wearden. “The fundamental skills and bedside manner I have developed as a phlebotomist at Bayhealth will be vital to my success at PA school and as a practicing clinician.”

The Earn While You Learn phlebotomy program is unique because it offers extensive training in many different areas of the health system. While most other programs train students in the outpatient setting only, Bayhealth trains in both inpatient and outpatient settings, as well as in the lab. This also means that job placement opportunities at Bayhealth are more widespread, both geographically and departmentally.

“We are so thrilled to launch this new workforce development program with our local tech schools,” said Donyetta Little, PBT, BS, Bayhealth allied health clinical educator. “In a collaboration like this, everyone wins. I’m very much looking forward to helping students start their clinical careers on the right foot – both financially and professionally – and to help Bayhealth continue to provide quality patient care in these areas.”

For details about enrolling in one of the Earn While You Learn programs and to be connected to an advisor, go to or and fill out an online interest form.

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