Beach Walk inress/outgress unfeasable

September 30, 2016

I join my neighbors who have valid concerns about the feasibility of the proposed BayMart/Beach Walk development, including its potential impact on pedestrian safety, emergency service access to the development, and parking.

Entry to the new development should not be on Terrace Road, a narrow residential one-way street that already has significant pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

There is an existing entrance from Highway One, with a dedicated left-turn lane and traffic signal, to the land parcel - this should remain the primary entrance/exit to any new development.

As stated in the June 30, 1998 Court of Chancery of Delaware decision (Grotto Pizza Inc. v. Ocean Bay Mart Inc.), "...Denying Grotto access to Ocean Bay's main entrance will force southbound vehicles to engage in highly dangerous u-turns into northbound lanes, increasing the risk of accidents."

Traffic in this area has increased exponentially in the past 14 years that we have been homeowners in Rehoboth Beach. This situation would create an even greater risk of traffic accidents now.

Marc Kleiman and Andrew Ascher
Rehoboth Beach

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