Beebe gives guidelines for making hand-sewn masks

March 30, 2020

Thanks to incredible community response and the help of Pam Smith, RN, at Beebe Healthcare, Beebe has a format and instructions for making and donating hand-sewn masks.

For instructions with photos, go to the COVID-19 Relief Fund page at

Smith has created a specific mask pattern that Beebe will be asking all those willing to donate their time to make. These guidelines can be used for a 3-ply surgical pleated mask or one with a pocket into which a filter can be inserted.

Supplies needed include 100 percent woven cotton fabric; cotton T-shirt jersey knit fabric; fabric or ribbon ties 12-18-inches long; four elastic bands per mask to use as ear loops in lieu of the ties; a creasing or marking tool; optional 20-22-gauge wire cut in 4-inch lengths; scissors, thread, pins and other basic sewing tools donors may prefer to use; an iron and ironing board; and a sewing machine.

“We are so grateful for the outpouring of support,” said Tom Protack, Beebe Medical Foundation president. “If there was ever a time to consider donating to our community nonprofit hospital, now is the time.”

“Beebe has made efforts in the previous weeks to conserve proper personal protective equipment, while keeping our employees safe as this COVID-19 pandemic spreads,” said David Tam, president and CEO of Beebe Healthcare. “Donations such as these masks will help us to prepare when a surge comes. Beebe leaders are preparing for when the surge comes, not if. These items will be critical to use during that time. Beebe is following state and CDC guidelines to utilize donated masks in the proper medical situations, but they are still invaluable to our cause. We cannot thank these community members enough.”

Masks can be dropped off to Beebe’s Population Health Department, 1307 Savannah Road, Lewes. Bins are located on the covered front porch from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday. Donations will be collected frequently throughout the day and stored properly by population health team members working in the office. To reach staff for assistance, call 302-645-3337. Donations left overnight will not be accepted.

Everyone is urged to practice social distancing. Donors are asked to leave their name with the masks, so their generosity can be acknowledged.

In addition to hand-sewn masks, Beebe is looking for other items to be donated: unused face and surgical masks, especially N95 masks; eye protectors: safety goggles, safety glasses, clear face shields; surgical and medical gloves; medical garb, suits, scrubs and isolation gowns; cleaning and sanitizer solutions (such as alcohol wipes/pads, bleach wipes, sanitizing wipes); hand sanitizer, including hand sanitizer bottles/pumps/spray bottles; brown paper bags and lunch bags; and alternative respirators that OSHA has given permission to use in healthcare settings during this historic pandemic.

Beebe team members understand there is a great demand for many of the items listed above. They will ensure that all donated items meet the proper standards to ensure the safety of team members and patients.

For more information on donations of supplies or items and guidance on handmade items, contact Kim Blanch at or call 302-645-3337.

To make a monetary donation, contact the Beebe Medical Foundation at 302-644-2900 or go to

With safety of team members and patients in mind, Beebe is not able to accept donated food items. Beebe Medical Foundation is putting together a way for those interested to donate funds toward food items.

Emergency funding will directly support the charitable mission of the Beebe Healthcare system. These funds will be used to help purchase medical equipment, supplies and costs directly associated with patient care, enabling Beebe team members to continue doing what it takes to keep everyone safe.


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