Beebe Healthcare launches new website

March 18, 2020

Beebe Healthcare unveiled its newly redesigned website, created with the community in mind, March 5.

It takes multiple smaller sites, including,,, and, and brings them together into one cohesive and streamlined website at

Over the course of several years, data was gathered to help Beebe understand how patients and the community use the website so a better version could be created to serve their needs.

Beebe and Inclind were able to work with community members through the Patient and Family Advisory Council, whose members participated in several rounds of user testing to give insights on how they use the website.

“This website is really the culmination of many years of work and partnership between Beebe and Inclind,” said Rachel Swick Mavity, digital marketing coordinator for Beebe Healthcare, who served as project manager for the website redevelopment. “What we have launched is something I think all of Beebe and the community can be proud of, and something we can continue to build on and improve as we move forward.”

The new site is completely mobile-friendly, uses Google map technology, and features a content hub, called the Health Hub, where community members can enjoy articles, patient stories, columns, blogs and more written by doctors, care providers and community members.

“I’m most proud of the cross-functional collaboration that went into making this project a success,” said Christina Deidesheimer, marketing and communications director, Beebe Healthcare. “As a data-driven department with a laser focus on the consumer journey, this new website speaks to our ability to understand and deliver the content our community is requesting, while including the voices of our care team.”

The popular women’s health blogs will now live in the Health Hub, as will articles and updates on the Next Generation of Care expansion, which are shared monthly through the Blueprint eNewsletter.

Anyone can sign up for health tips or Beebe eNewsletters on the Health Hub subscriptions page at

“We have enjoyed a great partnership with Beebe for nearly a decade, and this project is really the pinnacle of this partnership,” said Shaun Tyndall, Inclind founder and director. “We are honored to have the opportunity to work with Beebe’s marketing team to create a website that puts the patient’s experience first while contributing to the goal of better serving the healthcare needs of our community.”


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