BLOG: What is happening at 16 Mile?

September 21, 2018

Rumors that 16 Mile Brewery in Georgetown is closing have been circulating online but the company’s management has been tight lipped.

A call to owner Brett McCrea and an email to the brewery were not returned. McCrea and the brewery deleted their Facebook accounts; the brewery also deleted its Instagram page. The company’s Twitter feed has not posted since late July.  As of Sept. 21, the company’s website is also down.

A visit to the brewery Sept. 20 did not shed any light on the subject.

Upon arrival, this reporter stepped out of the car to take a photograph of the brewery with his phone. A Georgetown police officer pulled into the lot at that point and questioned whether I was the one “taking pictures.” I explained to the officer who I was and that I had just arrived mere moments ago. The officer informed me that he had been called to the scene because of complaints about someone taking pictures around the property.

With that, we both walked into the tasting room. The bartender saw the officer and fetched a man I recognized as McCrea who came out and began talking with the officer, briefly inside before they moved outside. I identified myself to the server and asked if I could speak to McCrea. I was told he wasn’t available. When I asked about rumors the brewery was closing, the bartender would not say and quickly changed the subject to if I wanted anything to drink. I ordered a Blues Golden, my personal favorite.

This same routine played out when two customers also inquired about rumors the place was closing. After finishing my beer, I left my card with my number and email. So far, I have received no response.

16 Mile opened in 2009 and was one of the first post-Dogfish Head craft breweries to sprout up in the Cape Region.

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