Cape football scrimmages at Hodgson on Saturday afternoon

Full contact after one day of practice in pads
August 15, 2022

There are enough routes to Hodgson Vo-Tech’s football field on a Saturday morning in August to construct a spread offense passing street. And the British voice on the GPS  doesn’t like any of them. The arteries are all clogged with beach traffic and beach getaway traffic.

The grass field for the Silver Eagles has seen some storied moments on the way to coach Frank Moffett Jr.’s 29th and last year. “I’m leaving to spend more time with my wife, taking vacations and spending time with our grown children. I have loved every minute of coaching football,” he said. 

The first scrimmage of the preseason was a 10 and 10 plays featuring untimed downs and no yard markers. Near the end of the  scrimmage, there was some situational – down and distance – football. 

Hodgson did cross into the end zone three times, while Cape didn’t score a touchdown; even though there is no score kept, scrimmage touchdowns are always duly noted. 

Coach Mike Frederick reflected on the scrimmage a day later after reviewing the film. “We had issues with missed assignments and penalties on offense that need to be cleaned up,” he said. “Not unexpected for one practice in pads, but more than I had hoped for. Hodgson showed a handful of blitzes that we will be more prepared for by the start of the season. We didn’t game plan to win the scrimmage. Our focus was on self-development and identifying player depth.” 

Frederick commented on team defense, “Defensively, we need to improve tackling. They showed some formations that we don’t run ourselves, so some changes in alignment and fits will be required to be taught by myself and our terrific new staff. 

“Overall, the players gave great effort and they competed. We have solidified our thoughts on that front. Standouts from my limited time with tape review were:  LT Messick, Thomas Gibbs, Maurki James and Brenn Scott, with a few surprises from up-comers like Jackson Cunningham and Lucas Stevenson.” 

Cape kicker/punter Wilson Ingerski looked good as the scrimmage started with extra points and there was some punting without live tackling. 

Cape will scrimmage at Lake Forest at 10 a.m., Saturday Aug. 20. The Spartans were 5-5 last season; they are coached by Fred Johnson assisted by Lou Copio, Dion Miller and Josh Webb. 

Cape coaches under Mike Frederick are Ben Ashby, Jack Frederick, Zach Horstmyer, Sammy Mohr, Phillip Petitte, Kevon Smith, Dwight Tingle, Eddie Ghabour and Mike Guenther.  

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