The Cape Gazette enjoys an amazing trip to Spain in late summer

February 10, 2024

In late August, avid Cape Gazette reader Irene Solé traveled to explore the northern coast of Spain. Starting in Barcelona, then going north to the Pyrenees, and then crossing into Andorra, a beautiful mountainous country whose primary income is winter sports famous for all skiing sports. Irene left Andorra and headed to Spain’s wine country La Rioja, where vineyards spread out from as far as you can see. Along the way Irene, as a lover of The Arts, had to make her wish come true to visit the famous art museum in the city of Bilbao. Here she is shown in front of the museum with her favorite newspaper. In contrast to Spain’s notorious southern coast, the northern coast is just as beautiful with its mountainous coastline, vineyards and fresh air. Spain is situated with Portugal, on a peninsula just like Delaware! 

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