Cape Region voters are engaged

November 4, 2022

Following a contentious primary, the run-up to the general election has been just as spirited. 

Since the first letter to the editor arrived in May, the Cape Gazette has received and published more than 200 letters in support of or against one or multiple candidates. That’s by far the most this paper has ever received. 

Anyone who lives within Senate District 6 has likely received mailers almost daily from candidates. It’s a race both Democrats and Republicans think they can win. Voters are bombarded with signs on every road, unwanted text messages, candidate TV commercials seemingly on loop. It’s impossible to escape the mania of local politics. 

The good news is, voters appear to be turning out. In the first week of early voting at Lewes Fire Department Station 2, the parking lot has been full from the time polls open until they close. 

To coincide with early voting, the Cape Gazette published an election guide Oct. 28. It contains information about all candidates running for state and county offices in Sussex County as well as statewide seats. One thing the election guide does not contain this year is a sample ballot. Our office has received calls and emails from readers who are upset it was not included. Unfortunately, it’s not our call. The sample ballot comes in the form of an advertisement from the Delaware Department of Elections, and election officials decided against publishing it. One reader who contacted the department was told they moved away from publishing a sample ballot two years ago, and that voters should seek out the information from candidates, on the Department of Elections website or by other means. 

Like our readers, we are disappointed a sample ballot is not included. To us, it’s pulling back on transparency and making it harder for people to vote. With a sample ballot in hand ahead of the election, voters can prepare and be better informed about candidates for whom they are voting. Not everyone is computer literate, and some people may have a difficult time even finding the information they seek. We urge election officials to reconsider in the future, and we hope to see the sample ballot return in 2024. 


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