Celebrating excellent care times two

May 16, 2023

When Cathy Benson was admitted to Beebe in January for a transient ischemic attack, or mini stroke, she never imagined what would come next.

Her TIA episode would be the first of two visits to Beebe for very different reasons, and it led to her celebrating excellent care more than once in six weeks’ time.

In January, it was discovered that Cathy had two clots attached to her artificial heart valve, particles of which traveled to the brain and caused the mini stroke. Since she had a history of clots, her case was notable. Her surgeon in Philadelphia replaced her valve twice, and he was in close contact with Beebe staff during her hospitalization.

During her eight-day stay at Beebe, Cathy engaged with nurse practitioners Tracie Roberts and Rachel Fields, who not only worked directly with her but also communicated with her neurologist at Penn Med. Cathy said the collaboration among these extraordinary Beebe professionals, and the doctors at Penn Med and Lankenau Heart Institute was essential to a positive outcome. She is forever grateful for their amazing care, communication, initiative and perseverance.

Flash forward to Feb. 19, when Cathy was once again hospitalized with severe lower stomach pain, and it was determined that she would have to have her gallbladder removed. Her hospital stay this time was 11 days.

Unfortunately, during that time, Cathy began experiencing seizures and was put on anti-seizure medication, a complicating factor in her case. A few days after being admitted, Cathy met Dr. Kristie Zangari, a hospitalist who helped manage her neurological and anticoagulation components. “Dr. Zangari was proactive, assertive and acted as my advocate while managing a multifaceted situation to a successful outcome,” said Cathy. She believes Dr. Zangari’s engagement was invaluable during her hospitalization and surgery.

Additional team members were Dr. Ramakrishna Tatineni, the general surgeon who removed Cathy’s gallbladder, and Dr. Robert Myers, the cardiologist who managed Cathy’s clotting issues. Cathy said Dr. Tatineni and his staff provided excellent care and were world-class providers. Her surgery and recovery were uneventful.

Cathy is sincerely thankful for both positive experiences. “My body is complicated, but there are beacons of light at Beebe who treated it professionally and with such care,” she said.

Cathy has hopefully declared a “no-fly hospital zone” through August as far as she is concerned. It is time for her to enjoy spring and summer in Sussex County, where she has lived full time for the past 10 years.

As a reminder, May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Be Fast with stroke symptoms because minutes matter. Learn more at

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