Cheryl Blackman goes to Washington

Rehoboth icon recovering from cancer
May 14, 2012

Having already won the heart of Rehoboth Beach, Cheryl Blackman is about to go national.

Blackman heads to Washington, D.C. as a nominee for the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Award for Outstanding Public Service Benefiting the Local Community. The Onassis Award is part of the national Jefferson Awards. Nominated by her nephew Chris Cordrey, Blackman was recognized for the local Jefferson Award by WBOC-TV.

The awards ceremony will be held Monday-Wednesday, June 18-20.

“I’m so happy,” Blackman said. “I’m really, really happy. I’m all ready.”

Blackman was honored for her work raising money for various charities and organizations, most notably KINfolk, which helps provide support for kids in need. When she’s not working her job at Grotto Pizza on Rehoboth Avenue, Blackman can usually be seen around Rehoboth selling raffle tickets to benefit KINfolk.

Making the trip to Washington even better is that the awards ceremony coincides with Blackman’s 50th birthday Tuesday, June 19.

Blackman and her mother, Shirley Bennett, canceled a cruise to go to the ceremony, but it truly is a good time to be Cheryl. She said she has been given a clean bill of health after recently completing treatment for breast cancer, which she’s been fighting since being diagnosed in January 2011. While she still has to get check-ups and blood tests, Blackman’s natural hair is beginning to come back.

“The hair’s coming back, and all is well,” she said.


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