Community development partnership expands into Delaware

Koch Homes and Gaines and Company to enter local market
May 1, 2021

What happens when combining 70 years of expert residential development and homebuilding experience with a 67-year reputation of industry-leading site development work? The result - over 137 years of community development expertise, spanning over 27 communities that encompass over 1,500 lots where families and friends have gathered, grown and thrived.

The award-winning partnership between Koch Homes and Gaines and Company - which is now expanding into Delaware - has provided multiple generations with site development, homebuilding and community development services that are safely delivered with the trust, professionalism and quality that customers deserve. 

Koch Homes was established in 1951 with a customer commitment to quality and service. Due to its steadfast focus on these standards, Koch Homes has received local and national recognition for its work. As a community partner, Koch Homes focuses on environmentally sensitive development, building with nature, not just on it. The organization is experienced in all facets of community development, from comprehensive land surveys and knowledge of municipal laws and regulations to managing partner relationships and marketing the final product. Koch Homes continues to expand its offerings and service area, most recently by growing its site development expertise into the Sussex County region. 

Since 1954, Gaines and Company’s trusted project delivery earned them their reputation as a safe and reliable building partner. Gaines provides turn-key site development services, including underground utilities, grading and excavating, sediment and erosion controls, road work, storm water management, and specialty services throughout various industries, including those regulated and managed by the federal government. Gaines and Company is not only licensed in Maryland, Washington, D.C., North Carolina and Delaware, but is also actively involved in these communities, as well. 

“As family-owned and operated organizations, each with close to 70 years of experience, Koch and Gaines both operate with similar standards and commitments to project excellence and community involvement,” said Gaines and Company President Lee Gaines. “Our organizations are naturally cohesive, making us recognizable site development and building partners.”

Koch and Gaines began their first project together over 23 years ago with Farmington Village in Pasadena, Md. Since then, the organizations have successfully delivered another 26 communities, most recently with Shipley Homestead in Hanover, Md. 

“Koch delivers projects with undeniable expertise from start to finish. They will not proceed on a project unless work quality meets or exceeds their stringent standards. We are honored to play a major role in this exceptional work, and look forward to the future of our partnership,” said Gaines.

The portfolio of projects successfully delivered by the Koch Homes and Gaines and Company partnership has historically been in the Maryland area. Due to the success of these projects, their community development services have now expanded into the Delaware market.

“As one of the first construction steps to homebuilding, site development is the foundation for a successful project. It is crucial to get this step right. We know we can trust Gaines and Company to do this work with the safety, quality, and reliability that we ensure with our projects,” said Koch Homes President Gary Koch. “We successfully delivered 27 projects together, but it doesn’t end there. In fact, I see this as a natural progression of our partnership with Gaines and Company as we move into the Delaware real estate market.”

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