Delaware Open comes to the Cape Region

August 1, 2020

The 55th Delaware Open at The Peninsula Golf & Country Club in Millsboro took place July 27-28 in sweltering conditions. More than 136 professionals and low-handicap amateurs played the first round, with the cut for the 36-hole final round the next day eventually reaching three-over par.

Golf pro Jake Shuman of DuPont Country Club won the championship with a fine 70-63-69 (-14) performance, three strokes ahead of Brandon Berry in second place.

Jay Whitby of Rehoboth Beach CC and pro Chris Krueger of Kings Creek CC tied for fourth place overall and best among the many Cape Region golfers who competed. Golf pro Michael Chanaud of Bear Trap Dunes tied with former Delaware Open winner and fellow pro Zac Oakley for seventh place.

Other Cape Region golfers who finished the tournament included pro Michael Rushin of Bear Trap Dunes, 23rd; Aidan McDermott of Bear Trap Dunes, T-25th; pro Chris Osberg of The Rookery, T-31st; pro Brian Rashley of Bear Trap Dunes, T-36th; and pro Ryan Diehl of Cripple Creek CC, 39th.

Cape Region golfers who played the first round included Ed Brown (RBCC), pro Brandon Laigle (Peninsula), Lane Dillon (Bear Trap Dunes), pro Will Scarborough (Peninsula), pro Chris Gray (RBCC), pros Brian Fedish and Ian Madinger (Plantation Lakes G&CC), pro Brooks Massey (Heritage Shores), pro Bryce Young (Bayside Resort), Tanner Leonard (Bear Trap Dunes), Josh Covey (Heritage Shores), pro Eric Willey (KCCC), Andrew Hewitt (Cripple Creek), pro Pete McCaffrey (Heritage Shores), pro Jesse Williams (Peninsula), Mike McGuinness (RBCC), Michael Polise (Peninsula), pro Eric Mason (Bear Trap Dunes), Kyle Strassle (The Rookery), pro Greyson Rossi (Peninsula), John Chanaud (Bear Trap Dunes), Juan Johnson (Plantation Lakes), Colby Hook (Cripple Creek), Malcolm Marshall (RBCC), Chad Otwell (Heritage Shores), Steven Harvey (RBCC), Hunter Rempe (Plantation Lakes), Steve Morgan (Cripple Creek), pro Sean Gradomski (Bayside Resort), Chris Lowe (Heritage Shores), and pro Mike Hodges (Peninsula).

Be careful out there

We are in the middle of the dog days of summer, so it’s time for a reminder about the risks of heat-related problems for golfers.

Heat cramps usually appear in the abdominal muscles or the legs during extreme heat. Heat syncope, on the other hand, is a sudden loss of consciousness or strength because it’s so hot. Fainting is often the first sign.

Golfers suffering from heat exhaustion can have clammy skin that is cold to the touch, accompanied by weakness, vomiting, heavy sweating and sometimes fainting. When hot, humid weather prevents sweat from evaporating, the body’s cooling system is essentially stymied.

The worst stage of heat exhaustion is a heat stroke. The golfer’s skin is dry and hot. These signs can be accompanied by confusion, loss of consciousness, a rapid heartbeat and a high fever.

For heat cramps, if the golfer is alert, have him or her drink Gatorade or a similar electrolyte replacement, some lightly salted water or just cool water, and massage the cramps until the muscles relax.

For the early stages of heat exhaustion, convince the golfer to lie down in a cool place. Place cool wet cloths or cool water on the skin to help bring down the temperature. Cold compresses on the neck, groin and armpits may help.

If the golfer faints, is deeply confused or disoriented, or seems to have a high fever, don’t waste time. Call 911 for immediate medical attention and also let the golf pro know about the problem.

To reduce the chance of heat-related illness, use a golf cart and pick another day to walk. Keep drinking nonalcoholic liquids during the round. If there’s a bench at the tee boxes, sit until it’s your turn. Stay in the shade and rest whenever possible. Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothes to help keep the skin from overheating.

Local club competition results

The Kings Creek CC Ladies 9-Hole group played a low-net game July 29, with three flights.

Sandy Neverett won first-place gross in the first flight, with Carolyn Horn in first-place net. Rosemarie Schmidt finished second net and Marjorie Adis took third net.

Kara Bourdreau won first-place gross in the second flight, while Deborah Chase took first-place net. Susan Eisenbrey came in second net and Jeanne Drake finished third net.

Stephanie Roash won first-place gross in the third flight, with Kathy Nave in first-place net. Joan Strickler finished second net and Sarah Reznek took third net.

The Kings Creek CC Ladies 18-Hole group played a T and F game July 23, in which only the holes that start with T or F are used for scoring.

Sheree Davis won first-place gross in the first flight, with Gale DiBona taking first-place net. Jean Chlastawa finished second net and third net went to Katie Heintz.

Mary Ann Veitch won first-place gross in the second flight, with Tricia Ritthaler taking first-place net. Nancy Froome came in second net and Cynthia Robinson finished third net.

Sheree Mixell won first-place gross for the third flight, with Kay Woolen taking first-place net. Marty Jaxheimer finished second net and third net went to Robbie Monkman.

Eileen Riddell won first-place gross in the fourth flight, with Sally Chamberlain taking first-place net. Prabhat Karapurkar came in second net and Vicki Martina finished third net.


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