Dewey 5G poles are so obtrusive

April 6, 2021

I am writing in response to the Cape Gazette recent articles: Dewey residents, officials continue fight against 5G poles (March 5) and Dewey officials negotiate for sole authority in 5G infrastructure permitting (March 26).

I am a property owner in Dewey Beach and am outraged that 5G wireless carriers are allowed to install 5G poles along our seascape and oceanfront in Dewey Beach. This is a plea for the State of Delaware and state officials to step in and help save the beauty of Delaware beaches.

The 5G pole controversy in Dewey Beach stems from legislation passed with the Delaware General Assembly in 2017. The intent of passing HB189 in the Delaware General Assembly in 2017 for the Advanced Wireless Infrastructure Investment Act was to advance technology and economic development in Delaware, which is understandable for the viability of the state.

However, I do not believe the intent of this legislation was to destroy beautiful Delaware beaches. As we speak, eyesore and obtrusive 5G poles are being installed along the ocean seascape in Dewey Beach. There is no need for these 5G poles to be placed along our pristine natural beachfront and beach entrances. These poles should be located in the center of Town of Dewey where the majority of the population resides all year round - condos, bars, restaurants, stores etc., not along our beachfronts.

“The legislation’s intent was to attach shoebox sized wireless antennas to traffic signals, buildings, utility poles and street lights.” “House Bill 189 authorizes wireless carriers to install fast unobtrusive small cell networks that will ultimately provide better coverage and download speeds up to 100 times faster than current broadband.”

The poles being installed right now along Dewey Beach beach fronts are not obtrusive. These poles in Dewey Beach along the seascape are 100 percent obtrusive and will destroy this oceanfront landscape and beauty.

Delaware Sen. Lopez and Rep. Schwartzkopf, please help stop these poles from being installed on our entrances to our beautiful and pristine oceanfront in Dewey Beach. 

Maryam J. Tabrizi MS, PhD
Dewey Beach
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