Dewey Beach: Like birds, liars flock together

November 8, 2019

I’m still smiling after reading JV Przygocki’s hit piece in this very column dated Friday, Nov. 1! I realize now that most of Bauer’s allies are liars and this guy is no exception. Let’s check the facts against his rantings:

I do not own two houses. Dewey is my only residence. Unlike Bauer, I do live here.

I have no D.C. connections! I have no idea what this means, but it must be some kind of smear. I guess you don’t need any facts, if you’re just willing to make things up.

I have never demeaned Dewey, or whatever he considers “our way of life.” If cheating to win an election is a Dewey tradition, it’s time to change that. Frankly, I find these false accusations, inuendo, guilt-by-association and lies to reflect very badly on all those continuing to peddle them; but that’s just my opinion.

I did not “demand a recount.”  Because the margin was so tiny, a recount was Delaware state mandated, and besides, what’s wrong with a recount? This lie just never dies. My only “true colors” are truth and fairness, and I’m very proud of that. What other motive could I have? I do not get awarded a seat as a commissioner simply by winning the lawsuit, so this logic is flawed and reckless, as well as untrue.

I would never “work against our town,” but I will always fight corruption. Maybe Przygocki should learn the difference!
While Bauer stays mute, his friends attack me with lies. Maybe Bauer is the one that should explain himself and stop letting others embarrass themselves lying for him. Soon, the truth will catch up to him, too.

Philip Rowe
commissioner candidate 2019
Dewey Beach


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