Observations on ‘DC, Dewey and Phil’

November 1, 2019

There used to be a time when one would escape from D.C. to the beach; pay the toll and leave your work at the bay bridge and drive to Dewey.

A weekend of fun, beaches, bars and friends were all one thought about until the trek back west across the bay - to pay your toll, face the reality of another work week and look forward to the next weekend!

Apparently, this is no more. Thanks to D.C. politics weaving its way into Dewey, Phil Rowe cannot let go that he lost an election; not one, not two, but three recounts, and he is now suing a current commissioner and the town he wanted to be a commissioner in. It seems that, just like D.C. politics, someone else cannot accept the results of a legitimate election.

Phil, please stop demeaning our town, our Way of Life, and common decency. I do not know you, have never met you, but your actions as of late make me glad that I haven’t. You lost the election of a one-mile-long beach town.

The votes didn’t go your way, so you demanded recounts. When that didn’t appease you, you hired a private investigator to find out that Commissioner Bauer has two homes - like you - lives at the beach - like you - and pays his bills online because his mailbox was damaged at the beach.

Now, you are suing him and the town, and all in pursuit of what? A position that pays nothing, creates a lot of gray hair and that you did not earn in a bona fide election? What is your true agenda and that of your D.C. allies?

Certainly not civility, transparency or the good of the community of Dewey Beach.

Maybe it is good that you lost the election - your true colors are now out for all to see. Please, play nice with others, stop your damaging rhetoric in your letters in the paper and try to be positive in working with our town instead of against it, as you have thus far.

JV “Zeke” Przygocki
resident and former commissioner
Dewey Beach

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