Dewey Beach Patrol trains the next generation of lifesavers

Annual junior lifeguard program provides training, fun for children
July 19, 2023

For two mornings each week during the height of the summer season, Dewey Beach Patrol members take time to educate the next generation of lifesavers in the Junior Lifeguard Program.

Through the U.S. Lifesaving Association, the program targets children ages 6 to 16. Many children return each summer to hone their skills and prepare for future jobs when they’re old enough to join the patrol; in fact, several current DBP guards started out in the program.

Young guards are instructed by DBP Capt. Todd Frichtman, veteran patrol members and emergency medical services officers. They learn about lifesaving history, qualifications and training, communication methods and water surveillance, the marine environment and surf, weather and other hazards, and search and rescue.

Junior guards start each session in the Dewey Beach Lifesaving Station, where they learn new concepts and are quizzed on their knowledge before moving to the beach for stretching exercises, relay races on the sand and in the water, and practice rescues.

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