Dewey commissioners to vote on zoning changes Nov. 13

Ordinance sets maximum home size, number of stories, setbacks
November 10, 2020

After almost two years of meetings, public comment and research, Dewey planning commissioners have recommended a host of zoning changes for a possible town council vote Nov. 13.

Planners were tasked with simplifying code language related to bulk standards in all districts, including floor area ratio, height, setbacks, maximum floor area and basements while balancing property owner rights and the charm of Dewey’s north end.

Up for consideration is the use of square footage, not floor area ratio, to determine maximum home size. 

In the Neighborhood Residential district, planners recommend a maximum home size of 4,000 square feet on lots smaller than 7,500 square feet, and a maximum home size of 5,200 square feet on lots larger than 7,500 square feet. In the Resort Residential area, maximum home size would be set at 5,100 square feet.

In the NR district, planners proposed changing the maximum number of stories from 2.5 to 3 and requiring a minimum roof pitch of 4/12. Roof decks would be prohibited in the NR district, but permitted in the RR district. Tiered setbacks would no longer be required.

Minimum setback requirements in the NR district for a side yard abutting a side street would be reduced from 15 to 8 feet. In the Resort Business-3 district, side-yard setbacks would be set at 10 feet.

Basements would be permitted as long as state regulations are followed. A minimum 15 percent of the home lot area should be dedicated to plantings and beautification efforts, with 50 percent of this requirement located in the front yard.

The virtual public hearing and meeting is set for 12 p.m., Friday, Nov. 13. A link to the meeting is available at

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