Dewey mayor has a lot to answer for

February 9, 2018

I was hired in August 2012 by Mr. Sam Mackert as the town's financial director. While the police department spoke of getting a humvee and other large items from the U.S. government, they never ever discussed auctioning for funds.

It was not until early 2016 that they submitted a large check to be deposited to their grant account, and requested it and additional funds to be used to purchase two new vehicles from IG Burton that it became known.

Since I had no record of a grant that was awarded the funds, I asked Sam and was told about the auction. At that time, I asked the police chief to please give me the details of the program so we can be sure we were following the proper accounting standards as set by the auditor.

Nothing was submitted to me.

Fast forward; it is now the end of summer. The police department gives the temporary accounts payable person a check for $35,000 and said deposit into their PD restricted account. I wrote up the event as a report and presented it to the town manager and mayor in place at that time.

The funds were placed in the town's expense revenue line used to report the town's sale of equipment/assets belonging to the town waiting for the police chief's submittal of the program details and activities since it was now the second time being requested.

I held this position for four years ending in April 2017. The $35,000 was still there at that time, unused. These were the only two auction checks submitted and recorded by the town. There are more specific details to expose when needed. I will have no problem testifying the truth of this.

Nancy McCloskey
former finance director, Dewey Beach



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