Dewey meetings should be held on weekends

March 22, 2018

The Dewey Beach commissioners scheduled a special town meeting for Tuesday, March 20, a time when most Dewey voters are not in town. This meeting was to vote on two controversial topics:

1) The highly controversial report regarding the off-the-books accounting and actions of the Dewey Beach Police with millions of dollars of equipment and 2) A settlement regarding a highly controversial lawsuit brought by a resident regarding a zoning matter where they were out of compliance.

Because these matters are so controversial, I find it disappointing that the commissioners did not schedule this meeting at the usual time (Friday evening or Saturday daytime) when interested citizens could watch and provide public comment. Are these matters really things that could not wait for a weekend meeting?

What is most hypocritical is there is no item on the agenda to discuss or vote on the next budget, which begins April 1. That is the one matter the town charter requires, and they are not even putting that on the agenda. Instead they are focused on burying the report on the police, and giving a settlement to a political supporter.

I wonder if it is just the mayor, or if all the commissioners feel having this meeting on a Tuesday in the winter was the right thing to do?

David Jasinski
Dewey Beach

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