DNREC says install bat colony exclusion barriers by May 15

Keep females and young safe to help control insects
April 14, 2019

DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife reminds the public that Delaware is home to nine species of bats, all of which are moving from winter sites to summer maternity colonies. Female bats return to colonies pregnant, and congregate to give birth and raise their pups. In Delaware, these colonies can often take up residence in homes, garages, attics, and barns.

Bats play an important role in the ecosystem by controlling insects, but they can be unwanted visitors to homes and outbuildings. A bat exclusion barrier to prevent bats from entering such places may be warranted. It is crucial that bat exclusions be completed by May 15, before female bats start giving birth, to prevent trapping young bats inside buildings and separating the females from their pups, which cannot survive on their own.

More information can be found at, including a list of permitted nuisance wildlife control operators who can install bat exclusions, and recommended best management practices for excluding bats as listed on the Bat Program Page. For more information, call DNREC’s Wildlife Section at 302-735-3600.

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