Do we want to maintain our democracy?

January 11, 2021

Republicans and Democrats need to unite to condemn and fully enforce our laws regarding the treasonous takeover of Congress by thugs Jan. 6.  This is a most serious infraction to our democracy.  Our country is based on the democratic principal that we elect people who represent us and oversee government business on our behalf.  When one-third of our federal government is overrun by an unruly, violent group we must react to the fullest extent of the law.

Losing five lives as a result of this incident is terrible.  But, think of what would be the result if many of our congressional representatives were killed, which very easily could have happened.  These are people elected in free elections to represent us.  We do not always agree with them individually or as a group, but if we want to remain a democracy, we must immediately stop this activity.  They were each elected by us in free and fair elections.

We must prosecute to the fullest legal extent those who aided, encouraged and abetted this effort.  We must determine why the Capitol was not protected from this angry mob, and responsible leadership must pay.  We cannot tolerate insurrection.  

We must stop the incessant lies that are spread in news and social media.  When our leaders, especially the president, constantly espouse lies, this has had terrible effects on our democracy.  The nonsense about unfair elections has got to stop.  Although I am a Democrat, I would trust my life to some of my Republican friends, including those who work the polls.  Democrats and Republicans are represented at each poll.  Do any of us really think that our voting numbers in Sussex County are not accurate?  This same process is basically what is followed throughout our country.

Republicans and Democrats must unite to stop the totalitarian efforts to overthrow this election and stop encouraging the incessant lies by some of our leaders and others.  

We must defend our democracy in a peaceful manner with fair law enforcement and the courts.  We must stop these insurrections and fully enforce the law.  Aiding and abetting treasonous behavior must stop! We must maintain our democracy!

David B. Baker
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