Dogfish Head installs new brewing system

April 16, 2018

Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats has installed a new brewing system at its Rehoboth Beach brewpub.

The new system includes four fermentation tanks and five serving tanks that will allow Dogfish to dramatically increase its production capacity, according to Brewing Ambassador Bryan Selders.

“What that will do is enable us to offer guests a unique beer experience every time they come down there. In the past, we’ve been limited by having small equipment here. We want to be able to deliver on our promise of growth at Dogfish,” Selders said.

Most notably, he said, the new system will enable Dogfish to offer more brewpub exclusives at higher volume. Selders said brewpub exclusives have been selling out within a day or two, but by expanding the number and volume of the tanks, exclusive beers will be available longer. He said Dogfish will now be able to have five or six exclusives on tap offering a greater variety and volume, a six-fold increase from the current operation. The serving tanks are all 10-barrel tanks, equivalent to 20 kegs, Selders said.

The new system also allows Dogfish to serve beers directly from the serving tanks, which hold finished beer. Lines are hooked directly to taps in the brewpub; the beer pours straight from the tanks instead from kegs. Selders said this will be a much more efficient and less labor-intensive method for serving beer and allows for guests to experience the freshest beer possible.

The new brewhouse is part of a three-year project as Dogfish built a new brewpub on the site of the old one. Currently, Dogfish is finishing the final phase of construction, which includes a patio area, the brewhouse, research and development distillery, and merchandise store. The new R&D Distillery will allow for mixologists and culinary minds to play with ingredients and flavors in an attempt to create new and exciting one-off spirits, while the retail space will make way for new and innovative merchandise along with beer to go in the form of growlers and crowlers.

“The expansion of Dogfish in Rehoboth will be a driving interest for tourism and beer enthusiasts, while a means for us to maintain and enhance the beer experience. Seeing this come together is such a rewarding experience, and truly has been a team effort,” said Selders.

General Manager Ryan Shamburger said he expects the entire project to be finished by summer. “It’s been a long time coming,” he said. “To see it all wrapped up now is awesome. It’s nice to see the end in sight.”