Dogfish Head to release It's The End of the Wort As We Know It Jan. 27

Limited bottle release of nutrient-rich survival beer
January 10, 2018

The brewers at Dogfish Head solved the age-old question all craft beer fans ponder, "If you were castaway on a remote desert island and allowed to bring only one beer to enjoy in blissful solitude, what beer would and should you drink?"

Meet It's The End of the Wort As We Know It, a Dogfish exclusive made from a complex mix of nutrient-packed superfoods resulting in the ultimate and definitive survival beer. Deep purple and hazy in color, the Belgian-style fruit ale is chock-full of essential amino acids, micronutrients and vitamins.

According to independent, third-party lab data, Dogfish Head found that It's The End of the Wort As We Know It contains more than eight times the amount of Vitamin B complex than one of America's best-selling light lagers, including over 90 percent of the daily recommended serving of folic acid. "Myself and six other coworkers from various departments at Dogfish set out to brew the most survivalist-oriented beer Dogfish has ever made and packed it with a bunch of delicious culinary ingredients resulting in a ton of goodness in the form of essential vitamins and amino acids," said Sam Calagione, founder and CEO of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. "We're also pretty pumped that a super-unique, nutrient-rich 'survivor' beer was born out of a brew day amongst friends originating from one of my favorite conversation starter questions –  'What's your desert island beer?'"

To make this off-centered ale, Dogfish blended an intensely fruity mixture of blueberries, acai and goji berries along with an assortment of ingredients including purple sweet potatoes, rose hips, chia seed, flax seed, spelt, oats and quinoa. While It's The End of the Wort As We Know It is nutrient-rich, Calagione said, "We are not making any health claims in association with this beer. We are merely sharing our brewing process and the culinary ingredients we chose for the recipe that are rich in alluring aromas and flavors." Slightly tart and subtly sweet with jammy blueberry, cranberry and cherry flavors, this medium-bodied beer clocks in at 9 percent ABV and is a critical off-centered ale to include in anyone’s survival bunker.

This first-of-its-kind beer will be available beginning at 11 a.m., Saturday, Jan. 27, as an ultra-limited bottle release at the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton. A true survivalist kit, It's The End of the Wort As We Know It is hand-packaged in a 750ml bottle and includes all the essential necessities needed to potentially outlast the apocalypse (beer included, obviously). Buyers will find a limited-edition, Dogfish-branded Swiss Army knife tied to the neck of the bottle, which will aid in opening a beer bottle or whittling a fishing spear to capture a conch for dinner. The bottle itself comes snugly wrapped in a big ol’ solar blanket that can be used to protect one’s beer or body from changes in the weather.

Also included is a length of paracord securing the blanket to the bottle, which can come in handy if people need to make a tourniquet or if they accidentally drop their survival beer in quicksand and need to jump in quickly to heroically retrieve it. Safety first. Beer recovery second (or maybe it's the other way around). Priced at $45, only 200 packages of the once-in-a-lifetime (probably) It's The End of the Wort As We Know It kit will be available for purchase. (Only two packages are available per person.) The beer will also be on tap at the Milton brewery while supplies last. For more information, go to or call the Milton brewery at 302-684-1000.