Dr. Bradley’s Beebe Medical Center history

December 29, 2009

Tue, Dec 29, 2009

Did Dr. Earl Bradley, a Lewes pediatrician under arrest and accused of sexually abusing perhaps hundred of his patients – avoid detection for more than a decade?

Wally Hudson, Beebe’s vice president of corporate affairs, said because accusations against Bradley involve an ongoing criminal investigation, the hospital is being careful about discussing Bradley so as not to jeopardize the developing case.

Hudson said Beebe’s review of Bradley’s application for employment was subjected to a standard process, in which all information is confirmed through “primary source verification.”

He said Beebe verifies with medical schools that a doctor graduated and the year of graduation.

Physicians who claim special training must provide verification.

Hudson said he didn’t immediately know whether Bradley claimed special training.

He said the hospital’s medical staff would have investigated complaints about Bradley’s action or inaction relative to his treatment of Beebe patients.

Hudson said because of the ongoing investigation he couldn’t discuss whether Bradley had been the target of any Beebe internal investigation.

“We’re cooperating with authorities,” he said.

Hudson said Beebe hired Bradley July 11, 1994, and Bradley resigned effective Nov. 14, 1997. Hudson said he does not know why Bradley chose to stop working at the hospital.

Again, concerned about the ongoing criminal investigation, Hudson also declined to comment about aspects of Bradley’s work history. Hudson said as a Beebe physician, part of Bradley’s job was making rounds to see the hospital’s pediatric patients. He said it was also standard operating procedure for Bradley to be present during infant deliveries.