Editorial: Brewers, distillers and trails: Celebrate!

December 7, 2018

Brimming Horn Meadery has announced the release of a new cherry mead. The announcement comes in the same week that Dogfish Head has announced release of an experimental single-malt whisky and in the same week that the brewers at Revelation announced purchase of the 16-Mile Brewing site in Georgetown.

And then there’s Beach Time Distilling at Nassau producing custom batches of spirits for several years, and Big Oyster Brewery.  These five entities have more in common than just their production of alcoholic beverages. They all also have physical locations on or near the continually developing network of bicycling and pedestrian trails pulling our communities closer together.  

That’s all about quality of life, all about getting outside and living healthy lifestyles (drinking responsibly!), and all about more transportation options for getting around our urbanizing area. That’s all worth celebrating.

Brimming Horn Meadery at Cool Spring is alongside the tracks being converted to the Lewes to Georgetown Trail. The Nassau distillery is likewise along the former rail line and Big Oyster is along the trail route on the other side of Lewes. The trail segment from Sweetbriar Road to Cool Spring is moving into the design phase. Construction of the trail segment from Savannah Road in Lewes to Sweetbriar Road is underway and should be ready for use by spring.

Revelation’s evolving Georgetown operation will be a short distance from the Georgetown end of the trail in years ahead, and its West Rehoboth location is already a popular stop for cyclists riding the Junction and Breakwater-Gordons Pond Loop.

All three of Dogfish Head’s local operations are near existing trail routes in Lewes and Rehoboth Beach and the emerging Milton rail trail that in the future should connect to the Lewes to Georgetown Trail.

The trail network offers connections between these breweries, distilleries and nearby towns, providing so much enjoyment and new paths of mobility now and even more so in the future. The sooner the system expands, the better.   



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