Empowering the new year by letting go of the past

January 8, 2018

Unity of Rehoboth Beach held its annual burning bowl ceremony Dec. 31. "Before you make new year's resolutions, it's a good idea to release what no longer serves you and might inhibit your success,” said Sandy Souder, spiritual leader. Attendees were given paper to write down things they want to release from the previous year, then with intention, watched it burn. After a guided meditation, everyone wrote a letter to be sent out in six months, as a reminder about intentions for 2018. Souder reminded everyone to not be so hard on themselves, since we are all souls in evolution, and not yet perfected.

Sunday, Jan 7 was the follow-up to the burning bowl ceremony. Unity continued with the tradition of the white stone ceremony. Guests are guided to listen to the voice within to hear a word or phrase that has significance to begin the new year.  

Unity Spiritual Center is located at 98 Rudder Road, Long Neck and is an open and inclusive spiritual community. For more information, go to or call 302-945-5253.