Enjoying the Cape Gazette on the front porch

May 31, 2020

 “I usually read the Cape Gazette on the patio with my brother John, who lives next door to me in Pelican Point Long Neck,” said Antonia Salandra Gonzalez.

“Today I decided to read the paper on my front porch to enjoy the beautiful landscaping job that my sister in law, Mary Salandra, did for my husband, Tony and I. It’s such a good,secure feeling to know you have family living next door to rely upon. I wish Mom and Dad were still alive to enjoy living in a beach community with us in Delaware. Life could not be better and when our families come to visit (pre-pandemic period) they would enjoy staying with all of us and traveling back and forth between the two houses. It is just like how it was when we lived in the house in The Bronx NY and the relatives came to see Grandma and Grandpa who lived with us in a two-family house. Everyone just flowed between both apartments. It is funny how life imitates the past!”

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