Evans Farm project not appropriate

May 4, 2021

I object to the proposed zoning changes to allow high-density housing to be built on the Evans Farm parcel.  My appeal isn’t a knee-jerk not in my backyard.  I am asking our representatives to vote no to the proposal.

The developer’s proposal states the need for more moderate housing.  What isn’t mentioned is that the Sussex County master plan allows for high-density housing - just not on that land. If the developer wants to build apartments, they should go do it on land already zoned for it.

The developer is not being altruistic. The zoning change is more profitable for only two parties - the land owner and the developer.  While I appreciate the financial considerations, the developer is not going to live in the neighborhood after the construction.

Apartments are not owner-occupied. There is less incentive to care for property. There is typically less of an investment in a community by tenants than owners.

The town where I once lived made the same mistake. They kept allowing higher density without ever rebalancing the master plan. The demand and per-pupil cost negatively affected the quality of the schools, and traffic that exceeded the roads’ capacity affected the quality of life.  

The Indian River dramatically limits transportation routes. I would assume that was part of the reason that housing was limited in the first place.

Please don’t let Sussex County become like Ocean City.  I love living here.

Karen Hrycyna 
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