The fantasy league inside your own head

Move over baby girls; a real baby is in the house
November 22, 2022

My Pillow - The graying heads of athletes and coaches hit their pillows at night where heartbreaks are remembered and outcomes are changed, because the best fantasy league exists inside your own head. Eric Gooch and I watched Cape hockey go into overtime. We both felt confidence sprinkled with trepidation. Eric was back in the Delaware Field House in 1980 when Cape basketball played Indian River in the state finals. The Vikings trailed 66-65 as time was elapsing. George Miller came across half court on the front end of a fast break. George wore glasses when he played. There was a big hanging scoreboard overhead (useless) and a clock on the far wall that looked a half-mile away. George had the game in his hands. He pulled up for a short jumper not wanting the clock to run out. The ball rolled around the rim. Eric Gooch was on the left and Charles Rayne of IR to the right. The ball rolled off right into the big hands of Rayne. “I still see it,” Eric said. “I was that close to winning it for Cape, but today no one knows I was there. I was the guy not there.” I’m guessing before Eric goes into dreamland he is snagging that rebound, then flushing a two-handed, behind-the-head dunk for the game-winner. 

All you can eat - Based on the number of standard deviations away from ideal BMI of fat-ankled people rolling about the countryside, I’m guessing all days are Thanksgiving rocking here in the USA. People ask me, “Are you ready for Thanksgiving?” and I respond, “I don’t get ready, I just show up.” I am fat secure in a land of food insecurities and food deserts. I have always seen this week as a transition from fall to winter sports. The Thanksgiving Gabby Gobble 5K has been canceled for this year, and the Coolspring Turkey Bowl has gone into hiding after existing for 50 years. Cape wrestling will host Stephen Decatur in a scrimmage featuring state champion teams at 11 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 23. The girls’ basketball team has an 11 a.m. scrimmage play day at Delmarva Christian. The NFL is all over Turkey Day because marketing research has proven that housebound relatives across the generations get along best when there is distraction, like 12 hours of professional football. And three games are good ones, beginning with Bills at Lions at 12:30, Giants at Dallas at 4:30 and Patriots at Vikings at 8:20. Expect to see footage of John Madden giving out turkey legs and his classic riff on the turducken. The Seashore Striders will close the weekend with the Huffin’ for Pumpkin Pie 5K at 9 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 26, at Grove Park and the Sea Colony Turkey Trot 5K at 9 a.m., Sunday, Nov. 27, to benefit Special Olympics Delaware. 

Nothing but the taillights - “I’m talking in the moonlight, seein' nothin' but the taillights.” - Clint Black. The moment Smyrna field hockey secured a sudden-death state championship victory over Cape Saturday on UD’s astroturf, I was out like a waterspout avoiding enduring the post-game I’ll-bet-you're-glad-you-got-second-place ceremony. A long road back home, Frederick rolling past Frederica, and nothing but taillights on hundreds of cars all leaving DE Turf at the same time. That is a venue I thought would never catch on, and now they build hotels around it. Our young athletes are running down a dream while I'm singing like the Big Old German Boy, “Take me home, country road.” 

Don’t worry baby - A real baby, Alexandra Riedel, showed up at the early signing period Thursday afternoon in the Cape grand lunchroom just off the rotunda. I’m not sure when dads started saying “my baby girl” is home from college, but move over, Rover, and make room for real babies. 

Snippets - Delaware State University volleyball (24-6 season) won the MEAC championship Nov. 20 at Memorial Hall with a 3-1 victory over Coppin State University. The Hornets’ roster features players from Puerto Rico, Canada, Turkey and Poland. Del State is coached by Dr. Bruce Atkinson. He is a certified chiropractic sports physician, and certified strength and conditioning specialist, in addition to being CPR/AED certified for adult and pediatric. Well, excuse me! Go on now, git! 


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