Father, daughter honored by City of Bowie

Schmidts recognized for lifesaving efforts
January 26, 2022

Mariner Middle School eighth-grader Miranda Schmidt and her father Martin Schmidt were honored Dec. 6 by the City of Bowie, Md., for lifesaving efforts they performed in October.

The Schmidts were returning to Sussex County after attending a concert in Columbia, Md., when they noticed someone driving erratically, according to Bowie Police Department Chief John Nesky. They called 911 and followed the car until help arrived.

Responders ascertained the driver was having a diabetic episode, symptoms of which can sometimes mirror those of an intoxicated driver, Nesky said.

“We appreciate the Schmidts’ efforts,” Nesky said. “Their perseverance and commitment went above and beyond to ensure the safety of not only the other vehicles on the road, but also the driver in need of medical assistance.”

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