Author and divine channel shares healing insights

December 27, 2020

Many people are questioning why the world is suffering so much at this particular point in time.

While COVID has been hard on everyone, and continues to disrupt lives and holiday plans, it can also offer an opportunity for reflection and renewal.

As a divine channel, Michelle D. McCann shares her insights.

“Our story may seem confusing at first, but if you persevere, you will be rewarded with epiphanies of great clarity and joy,” said McCann in a message channeled from God in her book, “The Nature of God: The Revelation.”

McCann receives messages from the spirit realms primarily through claircognizance, clairvoyance and clairsentience, three of the ways of receiving divine information. McCann’s recent channeled messages discuss the law of attraction, the purpose with which people’s lives were planned, and the power inherent in the contrast between people’s suffering and their joy. She shares that by passing through grief and moving on to gratitude, one can achieve a state of grace.

Despite her recent spiritual involvement, McCann’s background is in the corporate world and in social work. McCann worked in the financial industry for 16 years, first at MBNA and later at Bank of America. Between stints in the corporate world, McCann worked as a licensed clinical social worker and mental health professional with 11 years’ practice experience.

So how did a financial marketing professional end up talking to the divine?

Following an acute psychotic episode, McCann was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. While pursuing healing from a reiki expert and medium, McCann was introduced to the concept of guardian angels and channeling from that connection. Continued coursework on spirituality, intuition, psychic development and angelic communication and healing revealed her manic episodes as raw connections with the divine. As she grew to understand this connection, McCann felt compelled to write the book that became “The Nature of God: The Revelation.”

This book chronicles McCann’s journey as she fine-tuned her direct connection with God and the angels. As someone with lived experience with mental illness, childhood trauma, and PTSD, McCann hopes that sharing her story can help others affected by mental illness or seeking their spiritual path find peace.

On her website, McCann offers free resources to support others on their own spiritual journeys. 

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