Golden Glover brings boxing to beach

New class offered at Rehoboth Beach Barbell Club
September 8, 2021

John Glover has always had a knack for helping people look good and feel good. It started with cutting hair as a barber, which he’s been doing for more than 20 years. Now, he’s helping people get into shape with a fitness boxing class at Rehoboth Beach Barbell Club.

“I’m trying to give people a chance to have fun, and boxing is just a hell of a workout,” Glover said. “I’m just trying to help people reach their goals.”

Glover has been boxing nearly his entire life. Growing up in Jersey City, N.J., he would slip into the local gym to watch and learn.

“My grandfather didn’t want me boxing at all, so I used to sneak into the Boys & Girls Club,” he said. “My stepfather used to train there, so I knew some of the trainers. I would sneak in and they would work with me there.”

Glover was 14 or 15 when he competed in his first amateur fight. He stuck with it, eventually competing in Golden Gloves and Diamond Gloves tournaments. He won a few tournaments along the way, too.

Boxing is in his blood. Not only was his stepfather a boxer, but also his father. The two were a big influence. His stepfather, Gerald Ervin, was a professional, with his biggest fight being against longtime boxer Buddy McGirt.

“I had them to show me some things here and there,” Glover said. “I was a sponge growing up. It’s starting to pay off more and more now.”

Glover has been training Rehoboth Beach Barbell Club owner Will Harris for four months.

“Just as a distraction from everything else that’s going on, I wanted to get back into boxing, so I started doing some one-on-one sessions with him,” Harris said.

Glover has been teach classes at the club the past two months.

“He’s got a pretty solid following now,” Harris said. “He’s got people of all ages. A lot of women are coming in, too, which is pretty cool.”

Glover offers classes at 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but he will also teach classes or provide one-on-one instruction by request.

The boxing class was made possible due to the extra available space at Rehoboth Beach Barbell Club’s new location on the Forgotten Mile. After converting CrossFit Rehoboth to the Barbell Club in 2018, Harris moved just a mile south to the new location in September 2020.

The new gym offers much more space.

“We primarily focus on personal training here, so everybody who comes in goes through a one-on-one evaluation with a coach,” Harris said. “Everybody has some sort of preexisting conditions or issues that we need to work around.”

From there, coaches figure out an appropriate workout plan. Harris said it’s up to the client to choose their fitness experience, whether it’s just a workout plan, or involves a few or many sessions with a coach.

He said the new approach seems to be successful.

“I think people stop training because they get into a routine and a funk, and then nothing ever changes,” he said. “When you work with a coach on a regular basis, we help you set new goals consistently, and that just makes things a little more interesting for people.”

Rehoboth Beach Barbell Club, 20819 Coastal Highway in Rehoboth Beach, is a private, appointment-only training facility. To learn more, go to or call 302-227-3636.


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