Hard work and good manners!

February 6, 2022

My mother always said, “If you want something done right, do it yourself!” A motto I have lived by for my 67 years. But what happens when you can’t perform a job? You find someone to help!

With a forecast of a blizzard, my neighbor Andrea offered a list of possible snow-removal services via our homeowners page. She is a member of I Love Lewes, a private group with about 26,000 members.

Andrea said, “I find all types of interesting information. People post questions like ‘In search of a tile person. Recommendations appreciated.’ I read, ‘Elderly person needs help getting plowed out when the snow comes.’ There were about 25 responses, so I consolidated them into one list.”

I chose to phone Robbie Moore, as he didn’t have a company by his name. Maybe he needs business. I like the name Robbie!

Turns out that Robbie lives in Delmar, about an hour away. He said it would be worth it for him to come if I got five households to commit. He named a price, and so I began to phone a few neighbors.

Robbie and I kept in touch as the snow piled deeper on Saturday, and we agreed that Sunday would be the day to commence. I was worried that he might not be able to get here due to area road conditions.

“Don’t you worry, Miss Lisa, I will create a path if I need to,” he said. Robbie arrived with a flatbed truck and a trailer housing his Bobcat. His hardworking partner Ryan can wield a mighty shovel. In no time, our driveways were wiped clean. He even took the snow away from the mailboxes at no additional charge.

I donned my boots and plowed my own self after him to check on the progress of the five others who signed up. As soon as people saw him working, they wanted to get in on the action! I was afraid he might get tired and didn’t want to promise him to too many homeowners.

“Miss Lisa, I can’t afford to get tired. I have a 3-year-old and a house to build. Tired isn’t an option for me.” He lives and works on a farm, and knows well the demands of physical work. And he sure knows how to operate a Bobcat! In the end, he had more than 12 satisfied customers.

Seniors are in need of young labor. It’s not healthy to shovel snow for many of us even if our backs are strong. I’ve witnessed too many comrades try to perform tasks that aren’t in their best interest because egos get in the way.

Should you get on a ladder? Should you bike a hundred miles when 20 is realistic? Some of my compatriots stopped playing tennis and took up the popular sport pickleball because there is less running. True, but you use different muscle groups to pivot at a rapid pace, which requires more stretching before the game.

OK, I’ll get off my high horse. Another one of my mother’s favorite sayings when she felt I was acting superior and telling others what’s good for them.

My neighbor Ruth just texted, “I put Robbie on speed dial.”

Mr. Moore asked if anyone in our area might want landscaping help come summer. Yippee! I don’t mulch anymore. Robbie, my new hero, can be reached at 302-858-9350. I hope to meet his mother and thank her for raising such a gentleman. He has the best manners I’ve seen in a long time.


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